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Godwar: Hell Rising

- Cyclopean pyramids jut towards the sky like man-made mountains, magnificent amidst the stark environs of the desert. Within the labyrinthine interior of these great tombs lie great pharaohs, once resplendent and mighty rulers of ancient empires, now naught but petrified remains and dust. D.K Cherian tells the tale of a woman who is taken back to the time of these bygone rulers, to discover the truth of their ancient faith, and come to an understanding of what life and death was in Godwar: Hell Rising.A female archaeologist and her two friends become trapped in time. In ancient Egypt, they meet a simple farmer, a queen making her grab for the throne, a politically motivated architect, and a power-hungry vizier. All their lives will be changed by the oncoming wars against the minions of a long dead and dark power and the ensuing struggle between the demons of Hell and the gods of Heaven.This novel combines elements of fantasy, history, politics, adventure and mythology into an intriguing silken spider-web that makes it a must-read for all fantasy, adventure and Egyptology fans.

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