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- First loves dont last, not like you think they will when youre in the beginning or middle of them. First loves are fun and painful, giving you the beauty and darkness of life in a single relationship, breaking your fantasies like a twig and making you realize that life is not all sunshine, sparkling fireflies, and rainbows. No, its not pretty at all. First loves build you up, and just when you think that life cant get any better, they shatter into a million raindrops, making you see how life really works. First loves crush you, ruining you for anyone else.Thats what Ivy Lynn Abney and Henry Lee Rein have battled with since things ended between them three years ago. Neither of them have spoken and are still hung up on what occurred. They both have regrets and the love they once had for each other never really went away. They were young and wanted different things. Have their wants changed enough to allow their love to reignite? Can first loves become second loves even with secrets?

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